Benefits And Avocado Juice For Health Benefits

Avocado fruit is one type of fruit is special because a lot of fat contains 20-30 times more if compared to other fruits. Avocado Fruit juice can be a refreshing drink and delicious because bauh avocado has properties and health benefits. The content of fats contained in avocados include unsaturated fats that the body will easily digestible and nutritious for the body.

Persea Americana Avocado fruit or fruit that is relatively easily found around us. Efficacy and benefits of an avocado is very much at all for humans because of an avocado has a rich variety of substances that will benefit
 To obtain the benefits you can also memenfaatkan Avocado fruit is by making it into juice. Not only are the delicious taste, a variety of avocado juice content is also very good for the health of the human body.
 In the avocado there is a wide range of substances with very high nutrient our body needs. At least the avocado contains 11 vitamins and 14 minerals which is a protein, niacin (vitamin B3), riboflavin (vitamin B2), vitamin C, potassium, etc.. Substances in avocados is very useful for maintaining the health of our bodies as well as it could be to treat various diseases such as anemia, diabetes, until the pre-menstrual.

By making drinks juice from Avocado would be easy for you or it may also increase your appetite will consume fruit Avocado,

 he benefits and efficacy of juice Avocado :
1. Efficacious for lowering blood cholesterol
2. Efficacious to moisturize the skin
3. Efficacious to help the regeneration of red blood
4. Efficacious for preventing anemia
5. Efficacious to prevent constipation
6. To prevent malnutrition

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